Saturday, 6 October 2012

What can really drive a man crazy?

RELATIONSHIPS are the most important part of our life. We face up with them everywhere. Socializing is a necesity for most people. THE MEDIA really care about us. Everyday they try to explain to us how to become more attractive to others. "Buy this toothpaste and no one will be able to resist since your breath will smell like roses", "This mascara will make all the men around sweat when you're blinking", etc. However, in reality not all of these tricks work. Some might do, but not much. So how can really get other people, especially nice guys interested in us?

I don't want to sound prosaic, but it's true: if someone is in love, he will forgive all your imperfections. However, would you buy a sweet that is rubbed into a scary wrapper unless you know that it's extremely tasty? Probably, not. So the packaging is important.

So what is REALLY attractive to men? Let's see.

1) Smell
The smell is one of the most important senses. I believe that everyone knows about Cleopatra who is considered to be an icon of unmistakable beauty and was loved by lots of men, including the most powerful ones of her century. However, in reality Cleopatra had a very simple, even unattractive appearance and her body shape was far from the perfect parameteters of that time. What was her secret? The smell. She used oils and took baths with milk and honey which have very nice smell associated with youth and sweetness. And what can be more attractive in woman than youth and sweetness? It's important to mention that men don't like smells which are aggressive or synthetical. Have you ever given your father of boyfriend to try a shower gel which smells like bubble gum? The first reaction that you'd see is "Oh, it's weird... It smells like something synthetical... Like bubble gum!". Conclusion: you don't want this reaction. So choose something that emphisizes your natural skin ambre.

2) Nails
Nails are extremely important. The nails of a woman can tell much more things about her than anything else. If a woman has perfect pretty nails that means that she is: tidy, neat, careful, her house is amazing, her lover's or husband's shirts are perfectly ironed, she is organised, look after herself, she is patient and will never have a conflict out of nothing. If woman's nails are in bad condition, the list of her qualities will be similar, but it will start with "NOT". So, what decision to make seems to be obvious.

3) Hair
Hair are the same as nails.

4) Slender waist line
Despite the fact that all men have different tastes, a slender waist line is important since it shows that a woman is able to give birth to healthy children and genetically men pay attention to it. At the same time, the fat that is on the waist line is dangerous for woman's health.

5) Skin
Good-looking skin is a sign of health and balance. And these qualities are, obviously, very attractive to everyone.

6) Shoes
It's not a secret that most men are perfectionists when it's comes to their shoes. I have a brother who is nearly the same age as me, and until he became a mature young person my father was always telling him how important it is to keep your shoes tidy. No, tidy is not the right word. Extremely tidy! Here we go! So, making a reference from the Golden Rule, men are absolutely sure that clean shoes are the best sign that you've been brought up correctly. And I agree.

7) Eyebrows
It's men's privilege not to care too much about their eyebrows. We, ladies, don't as always. But I am happy about it since I believe that perfect eyebrows is a must. Full stop.

8) Hands 

9) Wide Hips
Wide hips=slender waist line

10) Teeth
I believe that teeth is something that can spoil the whole impression immediately if they are not great. Make sure that your teeth are perfect, please.

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